Friday, 27 February 2015

Organ Donation Changes in Wales

From 1 December 2015 organ donation in Wales will change to a soft opt out or deemed consent system

Regular Serving Personnel will be deemed as not ordinarily resident and exempt from the scheme even if they are from Wales or have a home in Wales.

Family members over 18 years old that accompany regular serving personnel on assignment to a post in Wales will be required to make a choice under the scheme if resident in Wales for more than 1 year.

Opting in will place individual in the UK wide NHS Organ Donor Register and choice when they leave Wales.

CHoice will be a personal matter and is important that it is discussed with all the family.

9 out of 10 people in Wales support the Organ Donor Register but only 32% have signed up to it.

Urgent Very Important Information Required

The Welfare Office require a contact email for all families to enable us to disseminate any urgent or useful information as quickly as possible.  Please Tel: 01446 790122 or Email: 

Are you a spouse of a serving person who is struggling with NHS Dental Access

Following a Vale of Glamorgan Armed Forces Covenant Meeting we have been asked for figures of families struggling to access an NHS Dentist.  Please can you contact the HIVE to enable us to forward this information.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

AFF Survey Results - Issues facing Dual Serving Families


Scotland prop Alasdair Dickinson joins, from left to right, RA Sargent Dave Beveridge District Gunner of 105 Regiment RA, Captain Lori Sharp of 105, Fusilier Ross Fletcher of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and Private Kris Smith of The Royal Regiment of Scotland at the one o’clock gun at Edinburgh Castle. Photo credit: Scottish Rugby / SNS Group

Scottish Rugby has donated ONE THOUSAND tickets to our country’s heroes for the RBS 6 Nations game against Italy at BT Murrayfield Stadium this Saturday (28 February).

Servicemen and women will benefit from free tickets to the RBS 6 Nations, Scotland v Italy match courtesy of the on-going generosity of Scottish Rugby. 

Scottish Rugby has donated in excess of 4,500 tickets over the last three years through military charity Tickets For Troops ( providing thousands of opportunities for our nations brave service personnel to watch their team take on their competitors.

Tickets For Troops was set up in 2009 to recognise and reward the servicemen and women who put their lives on the line for their country. The charity offers members of the Armed Forces tickets to events which they can share with their families as an acknowledgement of the work they do and on behalf of the hundreds of generous donors who have given FREE tickets to the charity.

Tickets For Troops has allocated over 650,000 tickets to our nation’s heroes in the last five years demonstrating the enormous support and respect our UK sports, music, theatre and entertainment industries have for our military men and women.

Veronica Bamford, Director of Operations at Tickets For Troops said “Scottish Rugby is yet again recognising the challenges faced and sacrifices made by our nations service personnel on a day to day basis. We are extremely grateful to them for offering the troops a token of their appreciation and the opportunity to watch some top class rugby at BT Murrayfield Stadium.”

Dominic McKay, Scottish Rugby's Director of Commercial Operations, Communications and Public Affairs, said: "Partnerships such as the one we have with Tickets for Troops are vitally important and we are proud to offer RBS 6 Nations tickets as a way of continuing to support today's troops, especially given the way in which our team has been affected by previous conflicts.”

The charity has over 140,000 military members registered and troops have been given access to tickets for many prestigious events including, The London Olympics and Paralympics, The BRIT Awards, the Isle of Wight Festival, Formula One British Grand Prix, the FA Cup and many others.

About Tickets For Troops
·         Tickets for Troops (TFT) was set up in 2009 to provide members of the Armed Forces with free tickets for major sporting events, theatre performances, music concerts and cultural attractions.
·         Since launching TFT has been donated over 650,000 tickets and over 140,000 troops have registered on the website.
·         Tickets are available on the TFT website to troops who are currently serving or who have been medically discharged since 2001.
·         Tickets For Troops has teamed up with a wide range of organisations and has been able to offer free tickets to a huge number of high profile events, recently these have included tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival, the Dukes Polo Weekend, Zulu – 50th Anniversary Gala Premiere and the British Summertime Hyde Park concerts.
·         This initiative has attracted maximum support from a host of Patrons, including James Blunt, Steve Hayes and Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron.
·         Troops are encouraged to go online and register at to take advantage of the fantastic tickets available for our Armed Forces.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Army & You Magazine

Carillion Amey - Change to opening hours of Occupancy Services Helpdesk

-  From 1 March 2015 the opening hours of the CarillionAmey (CA) Occupancy Services Helpdesk, which manages Service Family Accommodation in the UK, will change to 0830 – 1500hrs (previously 0800 – 1800hrs).

-  Our aim is to enhance the overall effectiveness of our service so this change is being introduced since call data shows that customers prefer to call the Occupancy Services team between 0900 – 1500hrs.  It will enable the team to use the time outside of the new telephone opening hours to concentrate on processing and quality checking applications; responding to emails; updating JPA; and improving our understanding of our customers’ needs. 

-  The opening hours of the maintenance Helpdesk are not affected, which continues to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

-  All services can be accessed by calling 0800 707 6000.  Further information is also available at

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chaplaincy & Multi-Faith Centre, Bldg 34, East Camp

Lent Lunches, Starting Thursday 19 February, 1130 - 1300

Lunch consists of a bowl of homemade soup, fresh bread, cheese & pickle, cup of tea or coffee

A voluntary donation of £4 is all we ask towards this years charity

Jobs for Service Leavers

The latest Jobs For Service Leavers & Veterans newsletter from Pathfinder has been posted at

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

General Security

In some sites, individuals purporting to be reps of companies or organisations have been making enquiries with people in multiple Garrison areas.  If suspicious persons attempt to gain information or gain access to married quarters, then the occupants should report the incident to the police immediately so that a log can be established and investigated.

Leaving the Forces - Living & Working in the North West

Leaving the Army

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Did you know CarillionAmey has a Twitter Page

CarillionAmey now utilise social media including twitter.  They regularly tweet useful information and have a dedicated staff member that monitors their social media sites and responds to queries sent in this way between the hours of 0900 - 1700, Monday - Friday.

On twitter they are @carillionamey, it would be great to see more of our families become aware that they can contact CarillionAmey by more than just telephone or email.  

Call Charges from Mobile Phones to CarillionAmey

 Please be aware that when ringing CarillionAmey calls made from a Mobile phone are charged. Where possible a call should be made using a landline.

Anyone who has called CA recently will appreciate that the ‘auto message’ stating how long before your call is answered is not accurate. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

CarillionAmey Complaints

DIO are looking for feedback following the introduction of  CarillionAmey taking over the housing contract, in the form of factual evidence (good and bad) of what is going on at grass roots level. DIO will then have the facts to pass on as examples of where it is going right or wrong.

Please forward to me anything that fits the above request (keeping the details clear, concise and factual), I will then collate and send up the CoC by Friday 6 February 2015.

How to make a complaint

Complaints are handled in 3 stages, with the aim of making sure that the majority can be fully investigated and promptly put right. If you are dissatisfied by the response at any stage, you will be given the opportunity to go to the next stage.

Stage 1

If you are dissatisfied with our service please call the CarillionAmey Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 or visit the CarillionAmey website.
Once you have registered a complaint, a CarillionAmey customer care manager will contact you, and give you a reference number for your complaint. They will explain how the process works and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your complaint.
If you are not satisfied with the way the complaint is handled or you want to speak to someone more senior, you can speak to a senior manager at the Helpdesk or a CarillionAmey director.

Stage 2

If your complaint has been closed at stage 1 and you are not satisfied with the response, you can then escalate your complaint to the DIO Customer Services Team.
You should briefly set out your complaint and why you are not satisfied with the Stage 1 response in writing to:
Customer Service Team,
DIO Service Delivery Accommodation,
Ground Floor,
Swales Pavilion,
RAF Wyton,
PE28 2EA.
If you make a written complaint we will acknowledge it within 3 working days. An investigation will be carried out but depending on the nature of the complaint, this can take some time.

Stage 3

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive at stage one and stage two, you can escalate your complaint to the Independent Housing Review Panel by writing to:
Independent Housing Review Panel
CD(P) Service and Veterans Welfare Accommodation Policy C2
Ministry of Defence
Floor 6, Zone A
Main Building

MoD Police - Cold Callers