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AFF Magazine - Army & You

The Army Families Federation representative has been asked to put feelers out for the following topics for an issue of Army & You.

The main feature is all about preparing for parenthood for the first time, particularly for mobile Army families. 
They are looking for:
•        New parents or those that are about to become parents for the first time
•        Pregnant female soldiers
•        Mums who have given birth while their soldier was away on ops and those who have                             successfully taken parental leave during an op tour to be home for the birth

Secondly, Lucy Scott is writing about school aged children moving between devolved regions in the UK for our education pages. 

She is looking for families to contribute if:
•        Their child/ren have recently moved schools between devolved regions – both good and bad                experiences
•        They are about to move and have concerns about doing so
•        They have had multiple moves between regions.

 If you would like to contribute a story or experience on either of these subjects please contact Abi Wrigley on the following email address